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Genre: Card Status: Final
Time Unit:Turns Theme: Gamble
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Present Time
Fee: Free Developer:Acute Mobile
In:29440 Rank:240
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Urban Rivals Description

Urban Rivals is a free multiplayer game with more than 400 characters to discover, collect and level up by fighting live against players from all over the world!


You can decide your own fate. You can choose to have fight after fight to rise up in the rankings and become the world’s best player. You can also become a great trader and try to get the complete collection, or even just play for fun with your friends with your favorite characters. When you register, we'll give you your first pack of 8 characters free of charge. You can then add to your collection by trading or purchasing packs from the Shop.

To level up your characters, you have to challenge other players. After each fight, your characters will earn XP and become progressively stronger, to the point where they can unlock special abilities and bonuses! Each time one of your characters levels up, he'll get a new look.


The Fights
At the beginning of each fight, 4 characters are randomly selected from your Deck. The fight is made up of 4 rounds. At the start of each round, you and your opponent each select a character. If your character wins the round, he will reduce the life of your opponent by the number of damage (D) indicated on his card.

Each player starts with 12 life points (LP). The winner is the one with the most life points at the end of the 4 rounds, or sooner if there is a K.O. In a round, it's the Attack (ATK) of the characters that represents your chances of winning. If your character has an Attack of 10 and your opponent has an Attack of 5, it means that you have 10 chances of 15 to win, versus only 5 of 15 for your opponent.

The Attack is calculated by multiplying the Power (P) stat of your character by the number of Pillz you decide to spend on him. Each player starts with 12 Pillz to use over the four rounds.

Character Abilities and Bonuses
Many fighters from Clint City have special abilities. So to fine tune your strategy and build a mega team, it’s important to know what you can and cannot do with these abilities.

Activating Abilities
When a character has an ability, you do not need to use Pillz or make any adjustments when you play that character in order to activate the ability. However, some abilities require special conditions to be effective. For example, with Courage the character must be played first, and with Poison the character must win his round.

The Leaders stand apart from the rest of the characters in Urban Rivals. They do not belong to any clans and they all have very powerful abilities that can change at the end of a fight. Remember that if you have two Leaders in your team during a fight, their abilities will cancel each other out, even if they are the same two Leaders. The changes caused by the Leaders’ abilities can be stacked alongside Clan Bonuses and Character Abilities.

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Urban Rivals Review/Guide


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