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Genre: RPG Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Anime
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Fantasy
Fee: Optional Premium Accounts|Buy Ingame Advantages Developer:Aween
In:10364 Rank:1154
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V-Dragonball Description

Are you ready for a new adventure? It's up to you, choose between good and evil. Destroy all your opponents and become the strongest. It's time to conquer the universe. It's time to be the strongest. It's time to rock and roll!


There are several types of missions our game offers.

* Battle Missions
- These missions offer fights for dp gains, item gains, or monitary gains! There are also a special few that offer hp/ki gains which are very nice for getting stronger! In order to be able to enter into the mission, you must meet the minimum required level which is displayed when you hover your mouse over the picture for the battle.

* Dragon Point Battles (dp battles)
- These fights are different from missions in the aspect of a larger risk. When engaging in a dp battle you wager dp equal to the reward. I.e you gain double what you wager if you win, a loss results in you losing your dp.

* Player vs. Player
- In this part you can challenge other players who are online to test your strength!

In V-Dragonball, training system is broken into 5 statistics

* Intelligence- allows you to earn more money at your current profession, and opens up new opportunities in zschool to make more money!
* Determination- allows every other stat to reach its full potential. Determination is a key stat in becoming stronger and successfule in your fighting carrer.
* Speed- allows your character to travel at lightspeed! The higher your speed stat is, the higher your rate of dodging and landing an attack are.
* Attack-allows you to deal some real damage to your opponent. By raising your attack, you raise the damage you do to your opponent.
* Defense-allows you to make your opponent look like a chump. If you raise your defense it allows your character to reduce the amount of damage your opponent deals.

Training any stat also rewards hp/ki raises which is a very large part in determining your power level.

Training is a fundamental part of our game.(This method is also preferred over Training Equipment due to the hp/ki gains.)

* It is worth noting that there are factors that have a large effect on training gains. In the screen shot (see above for link) you will see that I am in reduced mode because of levelling a technique. This means I will get 25% less from all training. However, I also get a planet bonus. This is because I am on my home planet and all my training gains are doubled on home planets.

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