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War of Legends


Genre: Strategy Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Mythos
Graphics: 2D Period: Ancient World
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:UltiZen Games
In:51045 Rank:119
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War of Legends Description

War of Legends is a real-time strategy game based on Chinese myth law; living out the ancient legend, players either pledge their support to the incumbent, unscrupulous and merciless King or his valiant, righteous, yet unproven contender. Players will be required to rule empires, manage resources, and command vast armies to conquer their enemies, whilst attempting to defend their wealthy cities against similarly experienced armies in a bid to gain ultimate supremacy.


Troop Types
You can use your garrison to train four different types of unit. Each unit has its own strengths and weaknesses against each other. Not all types will be available to start with, and you’ll have to match each unit type’s requirements before you can train them. The four troop types are: Halberdier, Swordsmen, Archers and Charioteers.


Researching a skill is paid for with gold and resources, and the required amounts of each increase with the level of research. You will need to upgrade your university to research higher levels of skills, and improving your skills can have a significant impact on your resource production, construction speed and army skills, among other things.


There are four key resources in War of Legends, and each resource is vital to production, learning and growth: Food, Timber. Stone and Copper



Wildlands: a variety of landscapes that can be conquered and explored. Each wildland has a level, and the higher the level, the tougher the troops and legends guarding the wildland. Each wildland presents you with a number of options:
• Invade - if your army is victorious, your troops will win resources and return to the city.
• Occupy - if your army is victorious, your troops will be stationed in the wildland, and you will continually benefit from any resource bonus.
• Spy - you can choose to spy on a wildland to find out more about it.
• Search & explore - when occupying a wildland, you can decide to spend some time searching for legends, or exploring in the hope of finding treasure. The longer you spend searching or exploring, the greater your chance of success.
• Dispatch - you can send more troops to the wildland.
• Check - you can view the troops that are stationed at the wildland and choose to send them back to your city if required.
• Practise - when occupying a wildland, you can choose to practise, and improve the skills and experience of your army.


Tasks are a great way to explore more about the game and get all sorts of rewards. You could quickly improve your reputation, find treasure, gain troops or recruit Legends by completing different challenges. Tasks types: Novice Tasks and Daily Tasks.


Being a member of an alliance will open many game opportunities for you and your Legends. New Tasks with new rewards will become available, and you will be able to battle forward alongside your friends to vanquish your enemies and achieve great riches.

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War of Legends Review/Guide

War of Legends Guide: Buzhou Mountain Drops

The latest War of Legends expansion, Buzhou Mountain, offers a new high level combat arena and a battleground. This is a list of the drops of Buzhou Mountain.

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War of Legends Guide: Wildland Drops

War of Legends is a real-time strategy game based on Chinese myth law. Players will be required to rule empires, manage resources. So here is the database about the drops come from different level wildlands.

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War of Legends Guide: Building and Skill Database

This guide contains the information you will need on buildings and skills in War of Legends. Something about the length of time for each the buildings and skills, the costs to acquire them, what benefits you gain from them. Each building has a small section on tips/advice and a small section of facts that might interest you.

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