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War Of Ninja


Genre: RPG Status: Open Beta
Time Unit:Turns Theme: Martial Arts
Graphics: 2D Period: Medieval
Fee: Unknown Developer:warofninja.com
In:19341 Rank:417
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War Of Ninja Description

WarOfNinja.com is a game where you travel through a world full of powerful villages and ninja. During your journey you aquire new ninja and buy powerfull items to use in battles. Battles are a turn based tactical game where your team of three characters, backed-up with items, is pitted against another player's team, both with the goal of reducing your opposition to 0 health points and winning the match.


Selecting a Squad
War Of Ninja battles are all about squads, combinations of multiple ninja and items formed in order to conquer your opponents. A squad consists of 3 characters each backed up with one item. The characters and items may only be used once in a single squad. There are two ways to select a squad. You can make a squad on the fly, this is done by clicking 'Change' after you clicked play mission (or one of the other battle types). But you can also create and save a squad via the Squad Selection. This way you can easily manage all of your squads and quickly select them in the left menu just before you start searching for a battle.


Start of the Battle
At the start of the battle you are able to see the ninja your opponent is using. You now have 30 seconds to either choose click 'Ready' and go for it with your current ninja, or make a modification in your current squad. This can be done by clicking 'Swap Character'. In the popup you are able to swap out one character and/or item and replace it with a different character and/or item.

When more experienced, this will allow you to effectively counter and create an advantage over your opponent. On the other hand, this can also be used to mislead your opponent.

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War Of Ninja Review/Guide

War Of Ninja Guide: HelpOut Guide

What is this? These are requirments for some Missions. Disruption/ Assasinition/ Collaboration is the certain type a person has. Take it for example Gesshoku, Amaya. She is Collaboration

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