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WarGames 2.0

WarGames 2.0


Genre: Strategy Status: Open Beta
Time Unit:Turns Theme: Warfare
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Present Time
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:WarGames2.net
In:13374 Rank:805
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WarGames 2.0 Description

Rule a nation in WarGames 2.0! The game is completely free and ad-free, and very easy to get in. A friendly community and helpful tutorial and help system will help you rule the world!


Instead of modeling just armies, WarGames strives to provide a much more accurate model of nations and their interactions -- you have a national treasury, food supplies, oil reserves, 'tech points' to make certain aspects (i.e. your troops, how many units you can produce per turn, etc) of your country more advanced, superweapons, etc.

It means that you gain complete control over your nation, whether it is economical, army decisions, covert ops and technologically. You will have a cabinet of advisors that will give you some general information about your country, and you will act as you see fit.

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