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Warriors Saga (YooGames)


Genre: RPG Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Anime
Graphics: 2D Period: Ancient World
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:YooGames
In:26809 Rank:276
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Warriors Saga (YooGames) Description

Warrior Saga is a MMO web based game which origin from the Chinese novel ‘Journey to the West’. However, it’s a Q version which is more cute and lovely. It focuses on pet raising and interactions. Moreover, the high quality produces attractive style with amazing stories; you won’t be disappointed with it.

Ancient tales spoke of a time when people lived in harmony with the beasts, spirits and gods. On the night of the hunter's moon, an evil god led his army across the land, sparking a devastating war. As a last stand, a group of elite warriors banded together and defeated the evil god, returning peace to the land.... Now, the legendary evil rises again! Join a new generation of warriors ready to stand against the angry god once more!

Warriors Saga (YooGames) Video

Warriors Saga (YooGames) Review/Guide

Did You Pick the Right School: School Skills of Warriors Saga

On Warriors Saga, all schools have their own special skills. Besides their special skills, they also learn new skills so as to additional attributes. Wanna know what new skills they obtained? Hurry up to check out the new update...

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Warriors Saga Uproar in Heaven Guide and Outcomes for Questions and Answers

Warriors Saga is a browser-based MMORPG featuring stories inspired by Eastern fairy tales. With an accurate depiction of Eastern fairyland, Warriors Saga is able to deliver the best gaming experience via its interactive story quests. Here the Eastern philosophy of harmony and peace is achieved. Hope this guide helps.

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Warriors Saga: Character Layout Guide

Well with alot of AFK Leveling the author of this article had some down time and did a little reading and exploring and came up with this helpful little guide.Hope it helps everyone even in the smallest way. Enjoy

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