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World of Cars Online


Genre: Community Status: Open Beta
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Anime
Graphics: 2D Period: Fantasy
Fee: Optional premium accounts Developer:Disney.
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World of Cars Online Description

World of Cars Online is a virtual world based on the hit Disney/Pixar animated feature CARS. Get ready for a high-octane ride full of fun and adventure where YOU are the Car. Design your car, play games, and make new friends. Learn to race like a pro from Lightning McQueen or cruise around and tip tractors. Why? Because you can! Now's your chance to hang in the Cars world - it's free to play but access to special features requires a subscription.


Create a Car
From slick 'n' quick to down 'n' dirty: choose from millions of options to create your own Car. You pick the body style, color, wheels, name, and lots more to make it totally your own!

Feel the thrill as you work your way up from local dirt tracks to the national circuit. Race one on one or against a fleet of other players to become the new Piston Cup Champ. Please Note: While pursuing a racing career it is important to stop and smell the oil cans every once in a while.

Build Your own Racetrack and Garage
Just like every racing legend, you can build your own garage and headquarters to showcase all of your trophies and mementoes from your racing career. Expand and decorate it more over time - even build your own tracks and invite other Cars over to race (and to also admire your fancy lawn ornaments).

Explore the Open Road
Start off in Radiator Springs, explore all of Carburetor County, and then head out on the open road to check out new towns around the country. Each city will have totally different tracks, a few new crazy characters (watch out for the corvettes) and new types of races to test your skills , slide around in the snow, jump sand dunes in the desert, and do wheelies on the beach!

Play Fun Mini-Games
Hold on tight and join Mater and other players for tons of fun mini-games including: backwards tow truck driving (a Mater specialty), tractor games, Car jump and stunt shows, tumbleweed soccer, Car checkers, tag, and more! Add on to Your Car: Throughout the game you can continue to customize, personalize and optimize your Car with new paint colors, spoilers, rims, fins, engines, shocks, brakes, and tons of other unique items.

Make New Friends
Meet Lightning, Mater, Doc, Ramone, and tons of other offbeat characters from the film as well as thousands of other players. Make friends, form a crew, hangout, chat, interact, and race with all the Cars!

Play as Other Vehicles
There's more than just chasing your racing dreams. How about being a fire truck and putting out flames at the old Gas and Match Factory? Catching speeders as a police cruiser? Rescuing broken down Cars as a tow truck? Or spotting trouble as a helicopter? You can volunteer to play these and many other vehicles while on your journey!

Build a Race Team
As you keep winning, you'll be able to expand your crew to include extra Cars, support vehicles and more!

Become a Legend
Join the ranks of Lightning McQueen by not only winning races, but also by helping your fellow Cars, the towns you visit, and by being an VIP (not Very Important Pinto) of the community.

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