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World of Lordcraft


Genre: Strategy Status: Open Beta
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Warfare
Graphics: 2D Period: Fantasy
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:worldoflordcraft.com
In:51143 Rank:117
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World of Lordcraft Description

world of lordcraft is a fantastic Browser-Based web Game  . In world of lordcraft, you can  create an invinciblemilitary empire. The distinct SLG strategies will bring you a unique gaming experience.


You can enjoy the game at once simply by opening your internet browser. You are not required to stay by your computer during the actual gameplay. It generally takes players about 10 minutes each day to issue orders so that their cities, citizens and Army will begin to producematerials, build castles and even fight enemies.


Check out some of the main features in the game.


1. Convenience 

In "World of Lordcraft", when you build resource fields, your city's resources will accumulate according to the normal passage of time, whether you are online or not. This meansless time spent directly involved in gaming and more time spent doing whatever else you need to do during the day  .  All tasks will be carried out automatically,according to the schedule arranged by the system, even if you close the game.


2. Build your own Castle

The real fun in "World of Lordcraft" comes from building your own castle. Once you've built a castle, you can build processing factories to produce hardware and increase your resources by constructing resource fields outside your city. You can study various sciences and technologies to make production more efficient and employ heroes to manage yourcity. You can also establish new cities to expand your Empire.


3. Experience grand battles

Enjoy the thrill of battle as you take on NPC fleets with your own powerful forces and order them to occupy cities and win your battles!

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World of Lordcraft Review/Guide

World of Lordcraft Guide: Be Tough in Academy of Witchcraft

Since the releasing of two new dungeons (Hardboiled School and Academy of Witchcraft), more and more players come to challenge them as the normal difficulty is appropriate for new players. But there're still a few players who can't challenge new dungeons because of some little problems in heroes or other military units. Here is the experience of how to run new dungeons, and it'll help you to get some useful hero gears in your adventure.

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World of Lordcraft Guide: Train the Most Powerful Hero

Players are always confused by hero talents in World of Lordcraft. Many of them would like to inquire about talent info and talent list in the forum or in the game. And some players just recruit a common hero once they enter the Tavern. What is the standard and direction of choosing hero talent and skill match in World of Lordcraft? Maybe this post will tell you how to do it.

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World of Lordcraft Guide: Veteran's Analysis for Newbies

Many new players feel at a loss when they begin to play World of Lordcraft. Because no matter in game interface or manipulation, it has exceeded congeneric web games, which makes newbies feel a little hard to master. But after experiencing the joy of game for a long time, I found as long as we give them a few instructions, they will gradually experience the joy and enthusiasm from the game just like us.

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