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Genre: Strategy Status: Open Beta
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Space
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Science Fiction
Fee: Free Developer:Zandrok
In:6375 Rank:2170
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Zandrok Description

Zandrok is a web-RTS set in a distinctive future in which players from all around the world engage in trade, espionage, war and diplomacy.



To aid in your relations with other players, your spies provide you with the ability to see information about other players. Once you have some spies, you can see this information by selecting other players in the Players window.

In addition to this, your spies will aid your interceptors by alerting them to incoming attacks and giving them a bonus in combat if you have sufficiently more spies than the player who is attacking you.

Finally, your spies can be sent on infiltration missions in the Players window to hamper your enemies and steal their resources. Depending on how many spies you send, you will have a chance that a player you infiltrate will not know who launched the infiltration.


It's not just you in Zandrok, and your interactions with other players are important. In order to co-ordinate your efforts, there are two different levels of power who both have a say in how your empire runs.

In your region, you will have a region leader, who is elected by receiving the majority of votes from all of the players in your region. The leader of your region has the power to declare wars on other regions, decreasing your costs to attack players in another region but hampering trade. They can also propose or agree to alliances with other regions, granting you increased trade with those regions but increasing your cost to attack players in them.

Your galaxy will also have a leader who will be elected from any of the region leaders in your galaxy. Anyone in your galaxy can vote for galactic leaders and their proposals. The galaxy leader proposes the tax rate for your galaxy, as well as what the money from tax should be spent on and the cost of attacking someone in an allied region.

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