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Genre: Simulation Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Pirates
Graphics: 2D Period: Medieval
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:Depot.com
In:13511 Rank:795
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Zepirates Description

White arm fights, pirates games, treasure hunting, crews confrontation, etc... Zepirates is a really nice simulation game, which immerses you in a quite exotic atmosphere.


The bashing corner
To retaliate to the attacks you have been sent by other players. You can also accept to retaliate one attack at a time. The same process is used to cancel all your attacks at once or your attacks one by one.

Once a fight is over, you can see two scores, yours and your opponent’s. The winner’s score is written in color and your score in bold.


The maps

The treasure map
You have 10 moves per day, you can therefore click on the map 10 times, whereever you wish. At each attempt, either you find a treasure and a window appears, or you come back to the map and a yellow cross appears.

The monster map
This map allows you to fight against terrifying creatures so as to win some xp. The process is identical to that of the treasure map :You can click anywhere on the map, so as to find a monster to fight against.

The trainings
From 5 000 xp, you will be able to choose a training. It will allow you to gain advantages in the game, such as sharpening your weapon for free, or getting healed for free a set number of times.

The parrots
From 10 000 XP you will be able to choose a parrot. Four birds are available to you, each being helpful in his own way : Free grinding, gem theft + Drakos, care for free etc...

A parrot must be fed if you do not want him to get weak and die. If you don’t feed him enough, don’t expect him to help you, same goes if the weather does not suit him...


Your crew
From 5 000 xp, you can either create your own crew, or join an existing one. The captain can, at any time, send you a message in which a proposal will be made to you.You also have a ‘hiring’ forum available, type or chart containing classified ads to hiring or getting hired.

Yours adventures
You will have to do your best to unblock these quests, for instance by achieving victories at sea, on the refuge, with your league, etc...

• the Blue Bay: you will need to defeat the vile Matiax in his domain and be faster than him to win fabulous Bonus Cards, with their various effects.
• your Refuge : a new step for your crew. You will have to walk through the refuge map in its entirety, set up your camps, collect amazing treasures, and have access to refuge battles.
• the League: after a set number of victories on the Refuge island, you will need to make a league, gathering of THREE crews, ready to do anything for victory.
• The Sea Gods: to join the crews hall of fame, you will need to prove your bravery by facing the terrifying Sea Gods.
• The Finaly Battle against the Deamon: Legendary power of the Oceans, the Marine Deamon has, it seems, always existed.

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Zepirates Review/Guide

Zepirates Guide: The Summary of Sea Fighting

As a pirate game, Zepirates surely has sea fight content. In the official forum there is a guide of sea fighting. And here is the summary, introducting 3 stages and 1 object of the sea fights in Zepirates ...

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