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Zombie Awards

Zombie Awards


Genre: RPG Status: Alpha
Time Unit:Points Theme: Horror
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Present Time
Fee: Unknown Developer:zombieawards.com
In:9011 Rank:1189
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Zombie Awards Description

Zombie Awards is a free browser-based game in which players play as movie actors in the 'Zombie-Film Industry'. Each actor may create characters, based on widely known horror stereotyped roles, starring in as many zombie movies as he wants as an 'hero' (survivor) or a 'villain' (zombie).


Such movies represent a multiplayer 'game-in-the-game' and are set in small city, quarantined after a recent zombie breakout a few days after 'day-zero', when neither social structures nor forms of local self-organization exist anymore, and where each player moves his own characters. Each movie lasts at least for 7 real days but it hasn't any script: playing the game represents, actually, creating the story.


Characters (and then actors) gain experience and fame by shooting films (surviving to them) and ZombieAwards are periodically appointed to best actors (best male/female leading/supporting role, best villain role...). While characters are likely to die during a movie, actors gain experience in acting out specific roles such that new characters will have more chances of surviving movies.

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