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Genre: Strategy Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Adventure
Graphics: 2D Period: Fantasy
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:Mail.ru
In:10407 Rank:1147
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RiotZone Description

Are you looking forward to fierce combat in the strategy browser game RiotZone? Then prepare yourself for fast and ferocious battles in the state of Merania, in the online strategy game RiotZone. This new MMORPG tells the exciting story of the life of professional soldiers.


At the beginning of the browser game RiotZone you place yourself in the service of a rebel faction that has declared war on the Dictator. Or you might prefer to fight on the side of the Coalition, another faction that exists in this online role game. The fight against the evil Dictator takes place throughout the whole region of Merania in the online RPG. Here in the MMORPG RiotZone you have to plan ambushes, intercept convoys and capture military bases.


In the browser game RiotZone battles take place in semi-automatic mode. Nevertheless you can influence the course of the battles, thereby gaining points which are so much sought-after in online role games and strategy games. As in other online RPG you can customize your character. In order to make progress in this role game you have to have nerves of steel and single-mindedly lead your group of mercenaries to the very end. Once the battles begin in the online RPG RiotZone, there is no time to rest. In this strategy game you must try to expand your position from the very beginning. All of your units in this MMORPG will first undergo training to be ready for RiotZone battles. Fighting the Dictator on your own is impossible. That is why you must collaborate closely with your brothers-at-arms from the very start. Opposing factions will try to put obstacles in your path all through the game, but the battle cry of the online game RiotZone is “Victory at any price!”.

RiotZone Screenshot

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RiotZone Video

RiotZone Review/Guide

RiotZone Guide: Combat

The fights in the Strategy-based Online game RiotZone are fought in a semi-automatic mode; your mercenaries automatically move towards your opponents and open fire...

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RiotZone Review by Jason Van Horn

There are a lot of browser-based MMOs out there with different premises, but RiotZone is the only one I've ever played that's centered on the world of mercenaries for hire...

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RiotZone Guide: FAQ for Newbies

RiotZone is a new game launched by publisher Mail.ru. If you are planning to play this game, just check this FAQ first. I'm sure it will do some help for the new players...

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