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Genre: Simulation Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Sports
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Present Time
Fee: Optional premium accounts Developer:GodSoccer
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GodSoccer Description

GodSoccer is an amazing online soccer game. In GodSoccer you manage a team and face up to managers all over the world. Win trophies to prove that you are the top manager. You will be able to plan tactics for the games, give instructions for training to your senior and youth players, to buy and sell players, to decide how to invest your money, to watch your games live or simply to see the current state of your team and to discuss the games played with your friends.


Money is very important for managing a club. In the Economy page you can see the money you currently have. A team can only spend money until it gets to 0$, but it′s possible to get "red numbers" as long as it is because of the weekly permanent expenses.

Besides showing a balance with the costs and revenues that are taken during the current week. This balance is closed once a week in the weekly update and creating a new one for the new week. It also shows the balance of the previous week and the money that was available. Each time that money be received or be paid money by any thing, will be discounted or will enter in the available money of the team and will be seen reflected in the balance of the current week.

The income of the game will depend on the price of the income that is indicated and the number of fans that are present at the stadium.


The players can be trained to improve his skills in the game and his physical skills. Each day of the week there is training and the manager decides for each day that players will coach and what players will rest. The players that a day do not coach will recover better in their exhaustion accumulated. Every player can receive a different type of training each day, and one day each player can receive a different type of training.

Youth players
To find youth players you will need to hire as many talent scouts as youthful want to promote to the week. There is not a maximum number as limit. The youthful will appear in your page of youthful directly in each weekly updating.

The age of the youthful found will patrol among the 15-18 years. The quality and the potential of the youth player found will depend on the level of professionalism of the talent scout that brought it, for which to find a good youth player money will cost you more since the talent scouts with a level of high professionalism have a higher weekly salary.


The players can be transferred or yielded to other team. There are two ways of interchanging players: For auctions or for offers.

When a team doesn't want a player he has an option to transfer or loan them away to another team. By means of the auctions players can be placed as available for transfer, any team will be able to see that players are in auction by means of the players transfer list.

It is possible to put on file a player that is not in auction. When a team contract a player, in his file card indicates a quantity for the Clause that is the most minimum money by which the proprietary team is willing to sell the player.

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