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Hero Mages


Genre: Strategy Status: Final
Time Unit:Turns Theme: Magic
Graphics: 2D Period: Fantasy
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:D20Studios, LLC
In:29966 Rank:222
320 votes


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Hero Mages Description

Hero Mages is a free online game where players command a band of mighty heroes fighting to control the fate of Papillion. Equipped with traditional board game elements -a set of dice and a hand of cards representing magical spells- players must leverage skill, luck, and social politics to emerge victorious in this exciting battle of turn-based strategy that can be played from any Flash enabled web browser.



Jump right into the action with pick-up and play mechanics that can be learned in minutes
Formulate creative strategies and experience something new each game with diverse characters and abilities
Battle during your lunch break with an average playtime of 25 minutes
Leverage wit, luck and politics to win as a team or claim the glory for yourself in 4-player free-for-all
Emerse yourself in the experience with brilliant visuals, battle-charged sound effects, and an epic musical score
Forge the story of Papillion by battling as your favorite mage and sharing your ideas with the Hero Mages community
Track your gaming statistics and climb the leaderboard with our skill based rating system
Play entirely for free or expand your gaming experience by purchasing Hero packs and creating your own custom maps

Hero Mages Screenshot

Hero Mages Video

Hero Mages Review/Guide

Hero Mages Guide: Beginners Look Here

1. You can only sprint every other turn, and the amount you sprint is random (don't try to rely on sprinting). And you cannot attack and sprint!

2. You can however (unlike attacking) can use offensive, as well as defensive abilities and sprint the same turn.

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