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Genre:Social Games Status: Open Beta
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Entertainment
Graphics: 2D Period: Present Time
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:Playdom,Inc.
In:11075 Rank:1041
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Social City Description

Build and run your own virtual city. Create the perfect place for the people that call it home, and you’ll become the most loved and revered mayor of all time!


In Social City you run your very own bustling Metropolis! Build homes to add to your population. Build awesome leisure spots to make your citizens happy. Build factories, produce goods, and sell them to get more coin. Use your coins to buy cool things for your city. Once you have a city you're proud of, show it off to all your friends!


Building Factories
If you want to make money in Social City you will need to build Factories! To build a Factory, open the build menu and select the Factories icon. Select the Factory you want to build, then move your mouse over open space in your city and click to place.


Once you build a Factory, mouse over and click to bring up the Contracts menu. Select a Contract, making sure to take note of the time needed to complete, and your Factory will start producing that item.


Shipping Products
After a contract is complete, click on the Factory to collect the income. Click the Factory again to clean up, then you can start the process again.


Building Homes
Constructing Residential buildings will allow you to grow your city's population. Once a Residential building has produced additional citizens, click to add them to your city. If the game won't let you, you might need to construct more Leisure buildings to keep the new citizens happy.


Building for Leisure
Leisure buildings won't provide you with income, but you will need to construct these to keep your citizens happy. If you don't construct Leisure buildings, you won't be able to add more citizens.


Expanding Your City
You are able to expand city limits up to 27x27 through the build menu. Once you have the max grid size you can purchase additional districts by clicking on the Map icon. Each district will have different requirements to unlock, so be sure to check the Map for what you need.


You Built This City!
Now that you know the basics, get out there and make the next great city!

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