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Lord of Ages


Genre: Strategy Status: Final
Time Unit:Real-time Theme: Warfare
Graphics: 2D Period: Ancient
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:Raccoon Technologies Incorporated (RTI)
In:26215 Rank:284
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Lord of Ages Description

Lord of Ages is a free-to-play, real-time construction and military simulation strategy PBBG, middle age warfare theme. There are various buildings, units, heroes and hundreds of items to play with. Build your own buildings, recruit your loyal units, join an alliance, perform joint operation with allies, expand your city and discover new equipment. With more power, you are able to rule an empire.

Experience true combat where you decide how many units to go, which hero to lead, what equipment to bring and what kind of this battle is. Choose from many different nations and locations. You decide your own city development.

You are recommended to...

Construct basic buildings!

By constructing Farm, Sawmill, Iron Mine, Quarry, you can produce necessary resources to build other buildings, recruit troops and so on. By constructing Town Hall, Cottage and Warehouse you can administrate your city development, have peasants to build your city, store your resources.

Join or create an alliance!

Alliance is the community where players gather to help each other. You can choose to join an alliance created by others, or create one on your own, or even go it alone. If you join an alliance, you can probably increase your attack or defense ability as long as the alliance you join is equal to or higher than level 1. Also, when you are under attack, your sisters or brothers may help you out.

Attack wildernesses on the Map!

There are swamp, cave, hill, forest and valley on the Map awaiting you to conquer. As long as you attack one successfully, you can definitely win the trophies which can be seen before you start the battle and later in the War report inside the Mail. They could be Coins, Items, Resources and Gems. Heroes can be also captured through attacking wildernesses!

Lord of Ages Video

Lord of Ages Review/Guide

Lords of Ages Guide: Tips for Newbie by Laojingneo

After somedays playing lord of ages, I have some experience for the new players. I hope it can do help to you.
1. Finish the Routine Quest as much as possible. It is the main way for you the gain resourses to build your city. Some quests will not come out untill you finish a certain quest. If you find that you recources is not enough, check your quest list to make sure you have finish every quest you can...

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