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Genre: RPG Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: PvP Fighting
Graphics: 3D Period: Sci-Fi
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:Supercell Corp
In:19172 Rank:469
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Gunshine.net Description

Gunshine.net is a free-to-play social roleplaying game that runs directly in your browser - no plugins required. The game has been designed to played together with friends - co-op battles have never been this easy to access and fun to play. 


Build your character.

Build you own hero just as you want it. Choose from three different character classes - tank, damage dealer or healer - all of which have their unique characteristics. There is a mindboggling variety of gear, equipment and other items available for your character. You can learn a wide variety of different skills that your character can learn and apply in the combat. In Gunshine.net, every character is unique.

Play with your friends.

Invite up to three of your friends and fight side-by-side with them, in real time, to defeat the mean bosses of Dawnbreak City. Invite your friends from Facebook, or in case it is not your thing, you can also do it the old-fashioned way via email or in-game character codes.

No friends online when you need them most? Not to worry, you can still borrow your friends' characters, the AI will emulate their playing style while you decide their their overall tactics.

Hours, days, years of gameplay.

Take on an almost endless amount of quests - hundreds of mysteries around the Dawnbreak City are waiting to be solved. There are ten different factions fighting over the control of the city, and it is up to you to decide who you want to join to end the chaos that rules the city.

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Gunshine.net Review/Guide

 Gunshine.net Review: First Impressions 

There is no farming or coin-clicking in Gunshine. It is simply a top-down shooter, and a cute one at that. While I soloed most of the time in the game, I was aided by the occasional extra player or rented NPC mercenary. What I found was a game that has a lot of potential, makes great use of Flash, and is a good amount of fun.

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