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Desert Operations


Genre: Strategy Status: Final
Time Unit:Points Theme: Warfare
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Present Time
Fee: Buy ingame advantages Developer:playzo GmbH
In:63989 Rank:87
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Desert Operations Description

Desert Operations is a strategy browsergame! Fight against thousands opponents over resources! Raise your influence on the world politic through creating allies or making war declarations. Found alliances, so you and your allied can fight against enemies! Trade with your allied and spy upon your enemies.


-You fight as a ruler of a small country against thousands playres or allie with them through clever diplomatic.

-You have several possibilities to build up your country and defend it against enemy assaults.

-Raise your influence in the world politic through creating allies and through declaring war declarations.

-Build alliances in which you and your friends make allies and fight against your opponents.

-Commerce with your allies and spy upon your enemies.

First Steps

At the beginning on your base areal card there's just the bank. Click on a free field. Now a menu is shown at the right side. At the beginning the Control Center is to be chosen there. Click on "build" and your first building gets constructed. All other buildings can be constructed like this. Details to every single building is shown here:

* Action buildings
* Military buildings
* Producing buildings

Is the Control Center done, we construct us our next building, therefore we click on a free field and chose on the right side our "city" and click build to construct. Its recommanded that you construct more of them, because they give you your money. Constructing pits isn't useful at the start, only important if you have spy units.Therefore you should construct facility's first. After that construction you should construct all other buildings (excluded Pits), to have a secure incoming. Tower blocks, resident houses, facilities, oil refinery, pits and ammunition facilities are buildings which can be build several times because they deliver resources (Productive buildings). apropos: You can construct more of these buildings at once (if you have the money for it). Therefore just put the chosen amount in the input field and click on 'build'.

Thanks to the newbie protection, through this you can't be attacked (and can't attack others) until you have reached 20.000 points, the unit production isn't so necessary and you can concentrate on a good incoming.

Attention: At the new start of the round the newbie protection isn't on for the first time. At 10.000 bis 12.000 points you should construct the rest of your buildings which are necessary required for your units production and equal to this you should research special units. You should try to research the units directly, which you need later on.

It is important that you don't research this and that, but rather research the units which is required. Search yourself the required units through the research display the good and which have a relative time to research them. At beginning the peasants are very good for this.

For the further game play its important that you search yourself a alliance which gives you shelter otherwise you would get attacked. Therefore you should use the forum and make a post under 'player search alliance' or use the chat. In that post should be information about you for example how often you are online or how often you would be online, how someone gets in contact with you (Instant Messenger?) and what your ingame nick name is. In a good alliance you should get help, hinds and help if you have any troubles...

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Desert Operations Review

Desert Operations is an online strategy browsergame that set in the modern-warfare theme. Fight against thousands opponents over resources! Raise your influence on the world politic. This is a review made by olivergodfreed on osg1. com.

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