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Genre: RPG Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Horror
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Fantasy
Fee: Optional Premium Accounts|Buy Ingame Advantages Developer:Crimson Productions, L.L.C.
In:93994 Rank:55
108 votes


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Crimson Moon Description

Crimson Moon is a free web based fantasy browser game featuring Vampires, Werewolves, and Hybrids. As the unsuspecting victim you have been drawn into a war among these races lasting centuries. Will you be the one that turns the tide and shapes the history of Melania City or even all of U'Moria? The lines have been drawn and only the strong will survive!

Melania is in turmoil so join the fight today and decide the fate of Melania! Will you choose Vampire, Werewolf, or Hybrid? All that is required to play Crimson Moon is a web browser and an internet connection. No Downloads! Currently Available on 3 Unique Servers.


Playing the game consists of increasing your stats through AP by leveling or buying booster packages from the upgrade store as well as many other areas of the game. Players gain 1/6 of their max energy every hour and this energy is used to do battle and various other areas of the game. If a player is defeated they must visit the Melania Hospital in order to heal. It's highly suggested to join a clan as they will help you along in your journey. Make sure before fighting you equip yourself with the right weapon and armor. Many in game tools are available to assist in helping you learn the game.

Melania City (Site Index):
This can be found on the left side of the game layout and will give access to all the areas found in the game. The areas are broken down based on locations within the city. Hovering over any link will explain more on what that area is for.

As you would expect the war is fierce and nobody is safe. Several aspects of PvP exists including the ability to attack players as needed for stats gains and also for reputation. Many clans exist in the game and at times war will break out among these clan forcing friends to become enemies.

Social Networking:
Many enhancements within the game allow you to personalize your experience and to create profiles, create music lists, write blogs, and comment on other profiles ranking them in the process. Although some come to fight many others have found great friendships in Melania and have forged many alliances. Many methods of communication exists including chats, forums, in game mail and more!

Win cool CM Merchandise by participating in various contests and competitions. Be recognized in the Chosen for your many great deeds and accomplishments.

3 Unique Servers:
Join 1 or join all 3! Each server offers the chance to experience Crimson Moon in a different way. Server 1 is the original server and the most active. This server is unique in that while having a leveling system players are not forced to level but can instead stay where they are by donating the exp to their clan. Everything is accessed by clicking various links. Server 2 is different in that it requires leveling and is more linear in character advancement. At the same time it introduces a new text based mapping system where the user walks around a grid and must be in certain grid locations to access areas of the game. The Battle Server is a phase based server that is reset after each phase and is primarily focused on battling to reach the top ranking before the phase ends...

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Crimson Moon Guide: Money Making Guide Request

Will you be the one that turns the tide and shapes the history of Melania City or even all of U'Moria? The lines have been drawn and only the strong will survive! Melania is in turmoil so join the fight today and decide the fate of Melania!

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