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Genre: Simulation Status: Final
Time Unit:Realtime Theme: Sports
Graphics: Text with graphics Period: Present Time
Fee: Free Developer:F1Project
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F1Project Description

Welcome to F1PROJECT, the free online browser game for Formula 1 management. In F1Project you are a wealthy Manager who has invested his money in the purchase of a formula 1 team... You will manage the drivers, the engineers and the various components in order to assemble your racing cars and compete with your team against other managers in a battle for the Championship!

F1PROJECT, created on 27 March 2006 is the first Browser Game in Italy which is completely free and dedicated to Formula 1.


The game enables the complete management:

- of drivers of your team (provided with particular skills and behaviour characteristics), of their contract and training.

- of engineers who will help to improve team technologies

- of staff who provide general but fundamental tasks also thanks to the team harmony

- of storehouses where components are held and when they are assembled they will create racing cars that will race

- of labs, unlimited yard of technologic jewels.

- of merchandising through with it's possible to sell products in the team's chain of shops and to decide more competitive prices for supporters

As a Manager you will have the task to always keep the budget under control as trying the investment of money in banks, to see to the overall management of your domestic circuit and to draw up new contracts with sponsors..


After determining the guidelines of your team as a Manager it's time for you to become the Strategist of the race! Assemble your cars after doing some proof tests to find optimal adjustments also based on weather conditions, study the circuit where the next Grand Prix will be raced and the possible placement in classification to decide the more adequate number of pitstops for winning tactics and give last instructions to drivers how to behave during the race..


F1PROJECT enables the viewing of the Qualifications live and the Grand Prix through a complex system of written commentary and summary of times of lap. A breathtaking race with constant overtaking and unexpected events to follow live to examine the adversaries' behaviour or by recording through a graphic display where it will be possible to admire your cars speeding to reach optimal placements..


In F1PROJECT it's possible to create real sales on market through the system of auctions. Start a production in lab of tyres with the best grip of the game and then put them on sale in search of buyer, or produce engines with the maximum number of horsepower thanks to engineers and to the level of research and suggest the most competitive prices on the market!

Besides standard market at the end of season you can venture on the research of talented drivers who haven't renewed their contract with the team they belong to and so they are free to find a new one. Offer a contract to their representative and try to obtain the better free drivers!...

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